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North American Direct Marketing Inc. provide List Brokerage, List Management and direct marketing services including data processing, data management, printing, mailing services, analytic and marketing services, which help our clients to provide more relevant marketing and communications, to understand their consumers better and acquire new customers. These clients may reach their customers and others, for instance, through direct mail, email, display, mobile and multi-media channel. Many of these services are described in greater detail on our website,

The information that we handle is not collected on our website, but rather through relationships we have with other companies such as data suppliers, business partners (such as other online partners), data services providers, agencies and our clients. We nonetheless provide this Privacy Policy as a service to consumers and others who want to learn more about the data we handle and how we use it.

North American Direct Marketing Inc. is a member of the Canadian Marketing Association (“CMA”) and Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and we adhere to the principle that consumers should have choices regarding how marketers use their data and market to them. Contact us for information about how to opt out of the rental list databases, or out of certain services provided by our business partners.


The Types of Data That We Obtain and Use

North American Direct Marketing Inc. receives data from, and handles data on behalf of, a variety of consumer-facing companies, business-facing companies, and data compilers and suppliers. We also may obtain data through public sources, such as census data and other public records. Some of the data we receive, use and make available is Personal Information (“PI”) or is linked to PI. PI includes, for instance, name, postal address, telephone number or email address. In addition, some of our services involve using and making available “business to business” data, which is obtained from a number of sources, including public directories, filings and publications, surveys and subscriptions.

Our Services, and How We Use Personal Information

We use and make available Personal Information for various purposes. For instance, we help marketers to deliver, target and optimize direct mail and email campaigns, display, mobile and social media marketing.

Your Choices and Opt-Out Rights

    1. If you wish to Opt-Out, please include the following information in your email: (a) first and last name, and (b) current address. We also recommend that you provide us with other addresses you have lived at in the past five years, which may help us to opt you out even if we have not yet acquired your current address information. If you decide to opt out in this way. It usually takes between 30 to 60 days to process this opt out through all the databases.


    1. Unsubscribing from Our Emails. In addition, when we send an email to you (whether on our behalf or on behalf of a client), we will provide a way for you to opt out of receiving emails from us in the future. Usually, this appears as an “unsubscribe” or “opt out” link in the footer of the email.

Security and Data Integrity
North American Direct Marketing Inc.  takes steps to ensure that the data we possess is housed and transmitted securely. These steps may include various methods of physical and electronic security, firewall protections, encryption and hashing of data, and access controls to PI. However, neither we nor any platform can guarantee 100 percent safety from hacks or illegal intrusion, so this Privacy Policy does not guarantee against that possibility.

If you have questions or concerns about North American Direct Marketing Inc. privacy efforts or data products, please contact us at:

Privacy and Data Security Officer
North American Direct Marketing Inc.
PO Box 95 Station A
Etobicoke, ON M9C4V2
Phone: (416) 622-8700
Fax: (416) 622-8701

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